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How much time should I plan for wedding gown alterations?
Scheduling for your first fitting appointment should be 6 weeks in advance of your wedding date. 3 Weeks or less will be considered only with a rush fee.
  How much time should I plan for non-bridal alterations?
For most business and everyday clothing plan approximately two weeks lead time. For simple hem adjustments on pants, jeans or zipper replacements plan one week.
  What should I bring to my first bridal fitting appointment?
The dress, all undergarments, shoes, veil, jewelry if its a concern, a friend or family member if you want, and payment for the deposit.
  How much will the bridal gown alterations cost?
Prices are based on complexity of the gown and the amount of changes required. Simple alterations are approximately $250.00 which include the hem, standard bustles and bra cups. An itemized estimate is provided at the end of the first fitting so you will know what to expect.
  What is a Bustle?
Bustles are added to a wedding gown to create attachment points that gather the train of your gown to hang from the skirt, while you enjoy your reception, dancing and post ceremony events. Traditional bustles attach the train on the outside of your gown, making a beautiful layered look. French bustles attach to the inside (underneath) the gown leaving the waist, skirt and hem styling uninterrupted.
  How high should my hem be?
I suggest 1" (inch) off the floor for most indoor weddings. I work with you to choose the best hem length for your style of gown and your planned wedding activities.
  What if my weight changes after my fitting appointments?
Adjustments can be made 10 days prior to your wedding. I ask for my clients to keep me posted on how the dress is fitting so we can accommodate or pre-plan for weight changes up or down at the last minute.
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